Friday, November 15, 2013

AwakeandAware: Recipro CITY ~ Modeling a New Economy

So many wonderful souls coming together at this time with beautiful visions for the future.

AwakeandAware: Recipro CITY ~ Modeling a New Economy:

Recipro CITY ~ Modeling a New Economy

I've mentioned a while back that I have a plan for a new value exchange / swap shop type place.

This idea is slowly forming in my consciousness.... like a puzzle... bits and pieces fall into place, here and there, over the past few months.

I made a new friend this week, who has helped me to formulate and organize my thoughts, so I am happy to say I finally have an update for you and am feeling things moving forward.
My husband and I have come up with a name and he is working on a logo for us.

What do you think of "Recipro CITY"?

I have already abandoned the socially acceptable business model and have my studio, in my home, full of rocks and orgonite and other artists creative works, along with spiritual books and metaphysical tools and jewelry, and healing herbs, oils and such.

I'm sending out the "word of mouth" advertising and accepting people here, by appointment, to choose from my wares and offer whatever they have to offer in exchange.

I don't set prices on anything, coming in or going out because I feel everyone values things differently. I let the people decide for themselves what is fair.

A bag of beans, to a father of 3 who's been without work for a year, is going to be way more valuable than it will be to a person who has a steady income.

For as long as a certain amount of cash is still needed, I suggest that a small portion of the exchange offer, be in dollars, if they have it to spare, and then I trust that the necessary amount, to pay the basic expenses, is always available when I need it... which it always is.

The second phase of this endeavor is to start a gifting club. Lisa, my new friend, brought me clarity on this piece of the puzzle with an article she posted. I'll post it in comments below incase you are interested in learning more. It had already come to me to do this but others around me has been able to grasp the concept that I am trying to get across to them. People are really stuck on the money part but I know it's part of my job to help them get unstuck. That article is helping me to explain the idea to people.

Phase 3 is to have a large building, and all the other necessary resources, donated, so I can begin the "No money needed clutter clearing" phase. I already have a clutter clearing business but here again, I am prepared to abandon the accepted business model and go to a cashless system instead, which will supply us with plenty of inventory for the store. I am also counting on the right people, appearing to help, at the perfect time, because I can't and am not supposed to, do this all by myself.
Phase 4 is an aquaponic, co-op farm (also inside the large building/ warehouse/ factory that houses the store) so we can actively address the food issues and provide food, as a choice of product in the store.

Phase 5 is a co-operative sustainable farm/community, on a beautiful, natural setting, that springs up out of the group that comes together to accomplish this massive vision of mine!
~ Angie Schuyler